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China and Glass

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All things vintage and antique

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Cobalt jar
Cobalt jar with gold and enamel paint
Souvenir Cobalt Blue Bell from Canada
Cobalt bell
John Barleycorn Creamer, Made in Japan
Toby Character Creamer
Made in Japan
John Barleycorn
Toby Character Creamer
Made in Japan
Toby Character Mug Made in Japan
John Barleycorn Toby Mug
Toby Character Creamer
Made in Japan
Majolica Etruscan Brown Maple Leaf Plate
Markings: an "S" in a "D" flourette style
This plate is thought to be more than 100 years old
Majolica Etruscan Plate with Maple Leaf
Nippon Pot
Nippon footed bowl
Marks: "Nippon"
Circumference is 9 1/2"
Height, 2"
Footed bowl
Made in Japan
Noritake Hand-Painted, Footed Bowl
Made in Japan
Doll Figurine
"Made in Japan
All bisque Dutch boy
Six inches tall



Doll Figurine
Made in Japan
All bisque Dutch girl
Six inches tall
Made in Japan
Creamer or Pitcher
Transfer print decoration
Dimensions: 7 1/4 inches high; 6 5/8 inches, spout to handle; 4 inches front to back
Navy Yard, Dells of the Wisconsin
Made in Germany
Wisconsin Dells Souvenir
German beer stein
Etched glass bottle
Thistle pattern
Bottle with Thistle pattern
Horse Mug
Robin covered dish
Cut glass spooner
Salt and Pepper shakers w mortar
Cobalt Blue Ceramic Candle Stick, Made in Japan
Cobalt blue ceramic candle stick
Applied white decoration with gilding
Made in Japan
Dimensions: 4 1/8 inches by 3 1/4 inches
Staffordshire Sauce Tureen
Lid, Ladle and Stand in the Sheltered Peasants pattern by R. Hall (Transferware)  England
Staffordshire Sauce Tureen, Lid, Ladle, Stand
Staffordshire Sauce Tureen, Lid, Ladle, Stand
Tankard “Favorite” Bavaria
Painted blackberries; 5 ¾” high; 3” mouth opening
Spode Bowl: Sheltered Peasants pattern
Spode bowl
Royal Bayreuth Sunbonnet Babies: Girls garbed in long dresses with long, white aprons and loweland bonnet head-gear. Markings: Haag or Made in Austria.
Sunbonnet Babies candle stand
Head Vase Bonnet
Napco 1959 c38128 Blond Bonnet Head Vase with ribbon Sash and sculpted flower  
Measurements: 6"
National Potteries Co. NAPCO 1959 c38128
Winking blonde head vase
Open banana curls
Black and white window-pane dress with green peter-pan collar and green pillbox hat
Six inches tall
Trademark shamrock circled with wreath
Head Vase with Banana Curls
Lefton Head Vase
Lefton 2667 Brunette Head Vase
Measures, 5” x 5”
Rose brooch at collar; brunette hair, green, ruffled hat brim
Markings: copyright Made in Japan Cleveland S Apco
Label: Lefton’s US Pat Off Reg Exclusives Japan 2667
NAPCO Head Vase with Red Lips 1958 C3343A; 4 ½” inches tall
Brunette; 4 ½” tall
Painted nails, black dress and hat; pearl necklace and earrings; Napco
NAPCO Head Vade
Vintage Fenton Peach Crest Double-Crimp Bowl
Vintage Fenton Peach Crest Double-Crimp Bowl
Eight fluted ruffles
10” across and 4” high
Unsigned, dating from the 40s-50s era
Hand-painted plate
"Made in Occupied Japan"
Made in Occupied Japan Hand-Painted Plate

Carnival Glass Bowl

Carnival Glass Bowl
Carnival Glass Bowl

Tea Cup in Selsia
Tea Cup and saucer
Tea Cup
Japan Porcelain Immobile
Bisque or ceramic figurine
"Japan" incised on backside; Feiance

Napco Father’s Helper AH2 26-8 Scotty Dog Japan; figurine of boy polishing shoe for dad

Children's Plate
C.T. Altwasser
Silesia pink rose pattern
Tielsch Altwasser Silesia German, 1800s
C T Altwasser and Eagle with extended talons in green
"CT" initials for "C. Tielsch,"
Pontil on bottom
C.T. Altwasser plate in Silesia pattern with large pink roses
Side Dish
Cobalt Berry Bowl
 Cobalt Berry Bowl
Tea cup and saucer
Bone China Dish
Bone China Dish
Tea cup and saucer
Centennial commemoration of the founding of the United States of America
100 Years Ago
1776-1876 Declaration of Independence"
(On bell) "Proclaim Liberty Throughout this Land to All the Inhabitants Thereof
New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina
Pat. Sept. 28, 1875

Child's plate
Antique Child Dish

Sandwich plate, made in Germany
Made in Germany

Double-handled sandwich tray --1800s
Length: 12 1/2 inches
Antique tureen with handles
Pattern, cobalt blue clover or shamrock pattern with gold trim
W.H. Grindley England
Antique tureen
Idris Tureen
Slag milk glass woven basket;
Carmel and white
8 oz.
4" tall

Child's China plate with hole for warm water
Porcelaine Artistique
Limoges France
Silesie Fish Plate

Fish Plate
Mark: Silesien Germany
K. ST. T. crown emblem in green

K. ST. T. was founded by Kuno Steinmann in Tiefenfurth, Silesia Germany and was in business from 1868 to 1938.


Porcelain bride and groom
Hand painted
Made in Japan, 1940's
Arm-in-arm—Romantic ceramic couple, a bride and groom—he in his tails and top hat and she carrying her bouquet, dressed in a flowing gown, crowned with a garland of flowers.
Bride and Groom
Meissen box

Meissen Dresser Box
Gilded with numbers 8256 or 6256 and the double crossed swords


Four Piece Vanity Set
Hand-painted Bluebird pattern
Knowles Bluebird Vanity Set
Disney Souvenir Tea Cup
Disney Souvenir Cup
Stoneware dog, late 19th century
Stoneware Dog
Piano Baby
Piano Baby
Piano Baby


American Willets Belleek stein
Hand-painted blackberries with guilding
C. 1900
Height, 4 3/8"
Trenton, New Jersey, company
Willets Belleek Mug
Cut glass paperweight

Collector Quality Paperweight Yellow
Thought to be from northern England
Paperweight-yellow squid
Lavender paperweight
Collector Quality Paperweight Lavender Bubbles
Thought to be from northern England
Bosse Glass
Bosse Glass Dish


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